Staff Code of Ethics

Staff Code of Ethics:
We, Pyramid Company staff, believe in the following behavioral principles and moral values and will spare no effort to realize and institutionalize them:
 Observance of order, discipline, and tidiness of the work environment and having a neat appearance
 Adherence to the company's contractual obligations to employers and maintaining the confidentiality of information and methods
 Adherence to ethical principles and upholding integrity in all aspects of the organization
 Adherence to time and cost requirements in performing all activities and fulfilling all commitments
 Respecting the intellectual property rights of others as a superior culture
 Creativity and innovation in performing current tasks in the company and providing services to employers
 Efforts to achieve the company's goals and implement its plans
 Full observance of laws, regulations, and administrative rules of the company and employers and avoiding inappropriate treatment of other colleagues and respected employers of the company
 Respecting the rights of colleagues and employees of employers and avoiding inappropriate behaviors such as lying, slander, profanity, etc.
 Optimal use of energy, control of resources and protection of assets of the company and employers
 Observance of safety regulations, occupational and workplace health to maintain the health of oneself and others